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ekc - Eberhard Kühnlein Consultant - is an international association of engineers and experts with the special know-how for different industries. Based on nearly 20 years of experiences in designing and planning of new or existing factories including the supply of spare parts.

With the status of an independent consultant association ekc offers the advantage of a customer oriented service and engineering by using only original products and machinery suiting mostly the requirement and benefit of a project.

­­As a Consultant company, independent to all general contractors and machine supplier in this industry, ekc provides as a partner to his clients the following services.

  1. Greenfield planning for new factories
  2. Brownfield planning including the optimization of existing factories
  3. Project and interim management
  4. Supply of spare parts, especially for high value articles
  5. Placement of others services for customers’ needs

Project and Interim Management




Factory Planning and Optimization



Supply of Spare parts



Factory Planning and Optimization

  • Value stream mapping of the plant
  • Plant capacity calculation   
  • Determination of process technology with flow sheet   
  • List of machinery for all plant items, to be imported and provided locally   
  • Plant layout   
  • Machinery arrangement and installation drawings   
  • Building proposal   
  • Foundation plans   
  • Basic Engineering for supply of energy, heat, water and compressed air 
  • Optimization of material flow
  • Identification of existing bottlenecks within the production flow
  • Plant- and product inspection with report andpProposal for modifications and changes in plant operation and product technology   
  • Advise and budget for plant modernisation with listing and specification for new machinery and equipment   
  • Cost analysis of actual production costs   
  • Advise in plant- and product fine tuning, to reduce production costs and to increase product quality   
  • Plant machinery- and process evaluation including report and advise for necessary plant and machinery modification, personnel training and process fine tuning
  • Development of intralogistics concepts

Project and Interim Management

  • Support and advise in contract wording and contract negotiation, when ordering machinery and equipment from general contractors or individual machine suppliers   
  • Plant budget control and follow-up   
  • Preparation and discussion with follow-up of a project time schedule   
  • Advise and coordination in preparation of an optimal plant layout   
  • Training and supervision of local project and engineering team, to handle all necessary work and activities to be provided by the customer   
  • Inspection of imported machinery and equipment during manufacturing and before dispatch   
  • Supervision and coordination of plant erection between imported and local items buildings, foundations, energy supply   
  • Job description and training for plant management and operational Personal     
  • Advise for spare parts handling and storage

Supply of Spare parts

In particular ekc offers his customer: 

  • help at the selection a meaningful stock of spare parts
  • advantage of a consolidation of small spare part orders
  • investigation and proposal for the most favorable way of shipment considering the time and cost advantages for a client
  • individual terms of payments
  • -conscientious supervision of orders for spare parts and with it guarantees for shortest delivery times
  • only ORIGINAL spare parts are supplied
  • help in finding replacement / successor type for spare parts not any more produced 


Kirsten Kühnlein

General Manager
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Roman Kühnlein

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Martina Kühnlein

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